Life Is Stressful. Murphy Cares Can Help.

Everyday life – no matter who you are – can cause stress and anxiety.

Like pet therapy, digital pet therapy reduces stress by creating positive emotional connections. By combining videos of real dogs with an interactive and engaging interface,

Murphy Cares delivers anytime, anywhere comfort.

Available to everyone
24 X 7 X 365

Delivers a mental boost in as little as 5 minutes of play

Is accessible on
any mobile device

Provides pet therapy-
type benefits at a
fraction of the cost


We Spread Pawsitivity!

It’s easy. It’s immediate. And it works!

The genesis of Murphy Cares comes from our founder, Michele Davey, and her desire to help patients and families feel less stressed during their visits to the ER and hospital stays.

Our unique combination of videos of live dogs and an interactive interface puts control in the hands of the user, a critical component of stress reduction. With the Murphy Cares app, users feel like they are interacting directly with each dog, creating a one-to-one connection. Like pet therapy, this connection reduces stress and anxiety and increases feelings of positivity.

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Innovation That Puts People First


Patients, families and clinicians

Augment your current pet therapy program, or use Murphy Cares to improve your patient experience.


Military vets and their families

Give veterans and their families a little bit of extra support.


K12 and higher ed students

Reduce stress from exams, bullying, or just being away from home.


Workers of all types can use a break – make it a positive one

Create a more positive and welcoming environment for your co-workers and their families.

Bring Murphy Cares to Your Organization

Murphy Cares is looking to partner with those organizations where we can support and promote positivity and a better experience no matter where you are.

If you’re interested in learning more or implementing a pilot program, please contact us.

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Murphy Cares Makes an Impact