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Perfect for Patients.
Perfect for Clinicians.

Murphy Cares helps increase patient, family, and clinician satisfaction. In just 5-7 minutes on the app, users feel less stressed and anxious, and more positive about their experience. Importantly, Murphy Cares works on all mobile phones and tablets, and eliminates the accessibility, scalability and cost limitations of traditional pet therapy.

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A Therapeutic Solution for Veterans Seeking Comfort

Digital pet therapy has the power to provide comfort and ease anxieties often associated with transitioning out of active duty. With Murphy Cares, you can help combat these challenges with instant positivity, available wherever and whenever your service members need it.

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TLC for Students

Being a student can be stressful, both in K12 and higher ed. From academic concerns and anxiety to social pressures and loneliness, students have a lot to handle, at any age. Murphy Cares is a great way to show your students that you care about them and want to help them enjoy learning within a positive environment.

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A “Pawsitive” Mascot

Looking to boost office morale and reduce burn out? Offering an app like Murphy Cares can help ensure your organization is feeling good, which translates to improved customer service and office culture. When your team needs a break or to “take a pawse™” from frustration and stress, Murphy Cares delivers!

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The Perfect Brand Partner

Murphy Cares is the perfect partner for those marketing leaders and non-profits looking to associate positivity with their brands. Our white label approach puts your brand front and center as you deliver a bit of puppy love when they need it most.

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