Digital pet therapy is a new category of wellness support that enables users to receive similar benefits of pet therapy – increased oxytocin and serotonin – by interacting with real dogs through a digital app.

Murphy Cares works by engaging the user in a 1:1 connection with a dog. We combine videos of real dogs with a digital interface that allows the user to feel like they are in control of the dogs movements and activities – like eating, sleeping or catching a ball. The app fosters a connection with the dog, as well as feelings of control – both key to reducing stress and anxiety and feeling more positive.

Murphy Cares is for anyone and everyone who can use a bit of relief from stress, anxiety or loneliness during the day, whether they are aged 4 or 104. Our goal is to reduce stress and increase feelings of positivity – much like pet therapy. Typically, people feel better in as little as 5-7 minutes and can get on with their day in a more “pawsitive” way.

No! Murphy Cares costs a fraction of the cost for pet therapy in an organization. On an individual level, the Murphy Cares app can cost as little as a cup of coffee.

Yes, we would love for you to do a pilot with us. Our pilot programs do include a nominal fee.

Murphy Cares is available to all organizations on a yearly subscription basis. Fees are based on size of organization and planned usage. We can create a branded app for you so that your organization is front and center.

We are actively seeking partners who are looking to spread positivity and better mental wellness. We can partner with you in a number of ways. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your goals.

Yes! We welcome the potential to partner with all non-political, nonprofit organizations, especially those supporting health and wellness, veterans, and children.

Murphy Cares is available for use on any smartphone (iOS or Android) or tablet. It is a web progressive app available through a QR code, so only a camera is needed.

Yes – the beauty of Murphy Cares is that it is delivered via a QR code – much in the same way that you probably accessed a menu during Covid. Accessing the app requires no personal or financial information.

No – Murphy Cares does not collect any personal or financial information from users, ensuring there are no safety or security concerns.

We would love to show you what we’re up to! Contact us through our Contact Us page on the website.

Currently Murphy Cares is only available to organizations (although the organization can be as small as 50 people). We hope to launch a consumer version soon!